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The ET Pest Control utilizes 4 Powerful Repelling Techniques which in return gives you impressive spider control repelling results.


High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds: The ET Pest Control uses High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds to repel home and business spider problems. These sounds are well above the human hearing range and are 100% safe to use around pets and home appliances. This repelling technique is the #1 weapon for getting spider control.
Once you have plugged in the ET Pest Control, there are two specially designed High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds Speakers that will go to work instantly. These two sound speakers will cause such chaos that spiders are forced out of the area. These sounds are made to cause major communication problems, flying and directional problems, improper eating habits, and total irritability toward pests in its path.

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Electromagnetic Deep Inner Wall Repelling: The ET Pest Control electromagnetic repelling utilizes the wiring within your walls sending signals tuned towards irritating spiders making their environment chaotic. This type of repelling is the first line of defense when it comes to pests entering your home. It drives pests out of their hiding places which usually is deep within your walls!
Electromagnetic Repelling technology is 100% safe to use around  many different types of household pets, humans, and any household appliance, like computers, TVs, etc. This technology does not increase the electromagnetic field, but simply bends the already existing electromagnetic field within your wiring creating mass pest confusion.

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Twin Scanning Technology: The ET Pest Control uses twin speaker positioning to help eliminate spider problems within your home or business. Unlike most pest repellers, the ET Pest Control uses twin scanning technology to send out ultrasonic sound frequencies that helps the electronic spider repeller to repel better around obstruct objects in its way. 

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Direct Pest Targeting/Pest Confusion Switches:
Now this is where the ET Pest Control outshines its competitors.

Direct Pest Targeting Switch
With Direct Pest Targeting, the ET Pest Control can focus all of the high impact ultrasonic sounds toward either Insects/Bats in the HIGH Range or Rodents in the LOW Range or having the option of repelling both pest types. This creates a greater repelling technique causing chaotic surroundings toward your spider problem and in return gives impressive results.

LOW RANGE: For RODENT type pests


Pest Confusion


With Pest Confusion, the ET Pest
Control gives you the power to cause extra chaos which gives you optimum coverage for spider problems that you may encounter by setting the pitch switch to fixed or variable.
Fixed Pitch Mode:
With this mode, there are two separate ultrasonic holding tones targeting your spider problem. (If not succeeding with fixed pitch, switch to variable pitch).

Variable Pitch Mode: In this mode, you are now creating a squealing siren affect that covers all the high impact ultrasonic sounds that the ET Pest Control has to offer. By using the up and down scale of ultrasonic sound frequencies, spiders cannot get use to a single tone causing them to go crazy.

Starting out repelling your spider problem, we recommend using the HIGH RANGE/FIXED PITCH for the first two weeks to really impact your spider problem.
Set to
VARIABLE PITCH on the third week of repelling and from then on really maximize spider confusion and variety coverage.

Here is an example of this mode: "VARIABLE PITCH" TARGETING "HIGH RANGE" the ET Pest Control will mainly focus on the High Ranges (INSECTS/BATS) moving up and down the scale of ultrasonic sound frequencies. After five intervals, it will BLIP ONCE into the Low Ranges (RODENTS) running the scale once and back to the HIGH RANGES all over again. Thus giving you the option to repel rodent type pests along with repelling the spiders/insects.

So you could say that the ET Spider Repeller will repel both the Insects/Bats and Rodents on the Variable Mode, but will repel harder in either the High Ranges or the Low Ranges depending on what pest problem you might be targeting which in your case is a
spider problem which would be HIGH RANGE/VARIABLE PITCH.
  Success starts today with the ET Pest Control.
  Speaker Output Switch
The Speaker Output Switch gives you the option of controlling the speakers output but letting them run full time or shutting themselves on and off.

CONTINUOUS OUTPUT: Speakers are running full time. Best for repelling as it is constantly emitting sound frequencies.
RANDOM OUTPUT: Speakers turn themselves on and off. Best used once your spider problem is under control.

In this mode the speakers will run continuously and thus is the best mode for repelling while you're getting rid of your spider problem. The ET Pest Control uses 3-4 watts of power in this mode.

RANDOM OUTPUT: In this mode the speakers will turn themselves On and OFF creating a slight change in the way you repel your spider problem. In the RANDOM OUTPUT MODE you will save on electricity down to 2-3 watts. This mode is best used once your pest problem is under control, but can always be tried as a 3rd option for repelling your problem. (The RANDOM OUTPUT has a slight Tic Toc noise that might not be tolerable to you. This mode is not a must but an extra feature so don't worry if you do not want to use it just simply leave the ET on CONT. OUTPUT.)


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