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California Spider Control

About California Spiders: There are a few spider types that can be found through out the state of California. The most common spiders you can see are the Sow-Bug Spider, Calisoga Spider, Tarantula, Daddy Long Leg Spider,  Black Widow, Green Lynx Spider, Yellow Sac Spider, and the Yellow Garden Spider to name a few.

The Sow-Bug Spider can be quite a surprise if you encounter one. This spider is red and lives in most flower beds where there is moisture. They feed on decaying plant material. The Sow-Bug Spider inhabits under wood or bark.

The Calisoga Spider is mistaken for the tarantula. It is smaller and is unable to climb smooth surfaces. This spider lives mostly in the Oakland Hills of  California. Like tarantulas, they are usually hidden in underground burrows but at night the males emerge to look for females.

The Tarantula is part of California's native genus class of Aphonopelma.  They often are found in pool filters.  The females live in burrows and are occasionally dug up in gardens.  Males are often seen wandering in search of females in the fall.

The Daddy Long Leg Spider in California are common in cool, shady, warm places, etc. Most toilets and basements of our homes are inhabited by these spiders. They prefer warmer climates thus finding shelter in the warmth of our homes. 

Another common spider found in California is the Black Widow Spider. This is the only spider that you are likely to encounter in California whose venom is medically significant.  The red hour-glass may be yellow or orange, and may not actually be shaped like an hourglass.  Males and immature females are not solid black, and have attractive marble-like patterns on their abdomens. They are also found under rocks or logs, in piles of rubble, in mammal burrows, and in dark corners of sheds, garages, crawl spaces, cellars, and basements.

The Green Lynx Spider is very common in California's gardens often seen guarding their egg sacs. Lynx spiders get their name from the way that they sometimes pounce on their prey in a catlike fashion. These spiders spend their time hunting for insects in bushes and low plants. They are fast runners, but can occasionally be seen lying in wait for prey beside flowers. They build no web for prey capture, but they do release a silk dragline as they hunt among leaves.

Yellow Sac Spider can be found throughout California. They construct a silken tube or sac in a protected area, such as within a leaf, under landscape timbers or logs, or at the junction of a wall and ceiling, and they use this sac as their daytime retreat. This is how the sac spider gets its name. These spiders do not build webs. Inspect for sac spiders by looking for sacs in upper corners of rooms, ceilings, behind pictures, on window molding, blinds or curtains.

The last spider we would like to mention is the
Yellow Garden Spider. Commonly found throughout garden areas and woodlands, and also found along eaves of homes. This spider is easily identifiable by the distinctive yellow and black coloring found on the abdomen.

If you don't see your California spider on this page, please let us know so that we can help you identify your spider species.

We are very confident that the
ET Pest Control with its High Impact Repelling, will demand your California Spider Problem to leave your home with positive results.

We have created this page to help you identify your California Spider Control Problem.


 Sow-Bug Spider

Calisoga Spider

           Tarantula Spider


   Daddy Long Leg Spider

    Black Widow Spider

       Green Lynx Spider



Yellow Sac Spider


Yellow Garden Spider


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