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Mississippi Spider Control

About Mississippi Spiders: There are a few common spiders that are found in Mississippi. They are the Spiny-Backed Orb Weaver Spider, Running Spider, Golden Silk Orb Weaver Spider, Grass Spider,  and the Huntsman Spider, to name a few.

The Spiny-Backed Orb Weaver Spiders are unique spiders in that it has spines along its sides. The male spiders are smaller than the female spiders. This spider creates a circular web like all orb weaver varieties, but the spiny-backed orb weaver's web has no spirals in the center. A new web is spun every night. These spiders are between two and 10 millimeters in length, and are orange, black, yellow, white and red in color.

The Running Spiders can be found throughout Mississippi. This is a type of sac spider. Running spiders do not create webs, but rather rely on their speed to catch prey. They feature reddish-colored heads and abdomens that contrast from their legs, in a lighter hue. Their hind legs are nearly white in color. The average adult running spider is between 3 and 10 mm, and the common identifying colors are brown, red and white.

Golden Silk Orb Weaver Spiders These spiders are shaped similarly to a banana, and three of their leg pays have tufts of hair. Unlike most orb weavers, these spiders wait in the center of their orb-shaped webs, rather than off to the side. Their identifying colors are yellow, orange, black, brown and white. They weave their webs in bushes and near flowers, they might present a nuisance for gardeners or flower pickers.

Grass Spiders are mostly found outdoors. Very common around homes and edges of foundations. They commonly build a funnel shaped web. They can be teased out by gently touching the outer web with a stick. Their venom is toxic but is much less than severe than the Brown Recluse. The most common symptoms are local swelling, redness and itching.

Huntsman Spider This spider is part of the family of crab spiders, and angles the first three sets of legs forward to gain a more crab-like appearance. Huntsman spiders are night predators and they feed on other insects that they may find in trees, such as cockroaches. They may also enter homes and barns in search of insect prey. They range between 19 mm and 24 mm in length, and are black, tan, brown and yellow in color.

If you don't see your Mississippi spider on this page, please let us know so that we can help you identify your spider species.

We are very confident that the ET Pest Control with its High Impact Repelling, will demand your Mississippi Spider Problem to leave your home with positive results.

We have created this page to help you identify your Mississippi Spider Control Problem.





  Spiny-Backed Spider

         Running Spider

   Golden Silk Orb Weaver

         Grass Spider


           Huntsman Spider


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