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South Carolina Spider Control

About South Carolina Spiders:  South Carolina is home to hundreds of these spiders and all species that live in South Carolina are yet to be identified or discovered.
These spiders range from the common variety Garden Spider to the not so common looking Crablike Spiny Orb Weaver. South Carolina's state spider, the Carolina Wolf Spider is a spider unlike many others. The Carolina Wolf Spider uses its speed and eyesight at night to hunt and rundown its prey instead of web weaving. Other spiders that exist in South Carolina include the well-known Black Widow, Purse Web, Trapdoor Spiders and Tarantula.

Garden Spider are strikingly colored black with yellow or orange markings, their bodies can be an inch long. Their webs may span two feet or more in diameter.

The Crablike Spiny Orb Weaver The spiny orb-weaver spider is one of the most colorful and easily recognized spiders in South Carolina. The dorsum of the abdomen is usually white with black spots and large red spines on the margin.

The Carolina Wolf Spider is the largest spider in South Carolina. It hunts almost exclusively at night. These spiders are nocturnal predators, although they may also be seen during the daytime. Like the tarantula, the South Carolina state wolf spider creates burrows underground rather than webs. They are found in wooded and dry shrub lands, coastal forests and suburban gardens.

The Black Widow is dangerous and will bite when they feel threatened. They tend to remain in dark areas but can find their way into homes. They typically make their webs in dark areas that also protect them from bad weather.

 The Purse Web Spider are medium sized, dark colored spiders characterized by their oversized shape. Like wolf spiders, purse web spiders have a low stance and sprawling legs. Purse web spiders are predators. Like most spiders, they feed on insects, smaller spiders, and similar creatures. But purse web spiders have a very unusual hunting strategy. Instead of building a large, sprawling web like orb-weaver and cobweb spiders (for instance), purse web spiders build a compact, upright silk tube. The spider hides inside the tube, and when prey lands on the outside, the spider bites through the silk and pulls the meal inside.

The Trapdoor Spider are close relatives of tarantulas, and their general appearance is similar, but they can be distinguished by their small size, less hairy abdomens, and legs that shine almost as if polished.

The Tarantula Spider are a common sight in South Carolina, it's not unusual to see them crossing the road. They are large and hairy spiders, but they do not possess a deadly bite as many people believe.

If you don't see your South Carolina spider on this page, please let us know so that we can help you identify your spider species.

We are very confident that the ET Pest Control with its High Impact Repelling, will demand your South Carolina Spider Problem to leave your home with positive results.

We have created this page to help you identify your South Carolina Spider Control Problem.



        Garden Spider       Spiny Orb Weaver       Carolina Wolf Spider
         Black Widow        Purse Web Spider        Trapdoor Spider

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