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Tennessee Spider Control

About Tennessee Spiders:  There are hundreds of species of spiders in the state of Tennessee. While all spiders produce venom, and some species are poisonous, most spider bites are less harmful to humans than a bee sting. There are a few common spiders you can see through out Tennessee. They are the Black Widow, Grass Spider, Southern Crevice Spider, Brown Recluse Spider, Golden Silk Spider, and the Daddy Long Leg Spider to name a few.

The Black Widow Spider is one of the few poisonous species of spiders that inhabit Tennessee. Black widow spiders commonly live among humans without incident, according to the Tennessee Poison Center.

The Grass Spider are common throughout Tennessee and much of the United States, according to the Insect Identification website. These spiders are not harmful to humans. They spin a funnel-shaped web in the grass or other low-lying foliage as a means of trapping insects, which the grass spider uses for food.

The Southern Crevice Spider sometimes known as the southern house spider, is common in Tennessee and throughout the American South. They spin their webs in dark corners and crevices indoors. They may also be found outside, under logs, in trees and in other dark places.

The Brown Recluse Spider is notorious for being one of only two poisonous spiders commonly found in the state. These medium-sized spiders are yellowish brown to dark red brown in color and have a distinctive violin-shaped marking on their thorax. The brown recluse hibernates in the winter and prefers dark, low-moisture settings.

Golden Silk Spider are commonly referred to as banana spiders, are common throughout temperate North America, including the east Tennessee region. During the late summer and through the fall, these spiders spin large, golden webs in trees and low shrubs. These webs often create obstacles for hikers and mountain bikers.

Daddy Long Leg Spider are often seen hanging inverted among their web, which is a disorganized mess compared to the intricacies that some spiders display in their web work. Most commonly they will be found in dark storage areas, drain pipes, and under rocks and in the grass. They are not dangerous at all, though they can be considered a pest when in the home.

If you don't see your Tennessee spider on this page, please let us know so that we can help you identify your spider species.

We are very confident that the ET Pest Control with its High Impact Repelling, will demand your Tennessee Spider Problem to leave your home with positive results.

We have created this page to help you identify your Tennessee Spider Control Problem.



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